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Our mission is to provide scholars with the tools needed to achieve the peak of their academic success.


The Pinnacle Approach to learning acknowledges each student's uniqueness and the belief that  student success begins with good communication and parent involvement:

  • Scholars are assigned an Academic Advisor who works in concert with both student and parent to maintain a learning calendar.

  • We teach scholars techniques to support their learning style (Examples: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic)

  • Scholars take grade-level placement assessments.

  • Scholars are assigned Teacher and/ or Tutors whenever necessary for extra support.

  • Parents can access the scholar dashboard and calendar of events.


  • Scholars have individualized learning schedules.

  • Teachers provides course instructions for up to 4 scholars at one time.

  • Tutoring is available for one-on-one learning assistance.


Tutoring can be scheduled regularly or on an as-needed basis by the scholars. Our goal is to teach scholars to become independent learners, acquiring problem-solving and communication skills. 


Pinnacle also recognizes the opportunity to give our scholars learning tools to continue to succeed in our tech-savvy society.  We also have relevant Technology courses and seminars that include African American History, voter education, personal finance, wealth management, public health, and holistic wellness seminars.

  • Choose to work Independently

  • Choose to have teachers for tougher courses

  • No academic peer pressure

  • Scholars are encouraged to reach beyond the status quo

  • Each scholar has 12 months to complete a school year  

     (Additional fees apply)

Flexible Schedule

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Alarm Clock

Work when it's best for you! Our scholars create their own schedules based upon their course loads.  This allows scholars to participate in extracurricular activities and work-study without the interference of a brick and mortar schedule.

Schedule Tutoring
  • Online tutorials available for most subjects

  • Schedule tutoring


  • Test out of Units when you feel comfortable

  • Select to have a Live teacher for tougher subjects

Accredited Curriculum 
Piles of Books

We offer Accelerate Education and Edumentum

(Apex VS Learning)

College Preparatory, Honors, and AP courses to meet the needs of our scholars. 


We do not offer ESL or Special Education Courses at this time 

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