Our mission is to provide students with the tools needed to achieve the peak of their academic success.


Our purpose is to host a rigorous activity-based online instruction with a culturally relevant lens to prepare students for their professional path.  




Students at Pinnacle Academy take pre-course assessments. The information acquired is used to focus on filling gaps in areas of under-education. Our students have an Academic Advisor for support throughout the school year, yet students are challenged to find resolutions during their academic quest by accessing tutorials for coursework explanations. Students also have access to live tutors and teachers (Learning Coach) for difficulties. Tutoring or teaching times can be scheduled regularly or on an as-needed basis by the student. We teach students to become independent learners acquiring problem-solving and communication skills. 

Pinnacle also recognizes the opportunity to give our students some common-sense tools to succeed and be healthy in our tech-savvy society. We have relevant Technology courses and seminars that include African American History, voter education, personal finance, wealth management, public health, and holistic wellness seminars. (Available under the PASS tab).

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