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* Honors Available, **AP, MS = Middle School

Social Science

MS Contemporary World

MS World History

MS US History

MS Civics

Geography & World Culture

World History *

World History to Renaissance

Modern World History

US History * **

US History to Civil WarUS Government & Politics * **


Macroeconomics **

Microeconomics **

Multicultural Studies


Psychology *


Math Foundations I, II

Math 6

Math 7

Math 8

Algebra I, II *

Geometry *

Mathematics I, II, III

Precalculus *

Calculus AB **

Statistics **

Fundamentals Math

Introductory Algebra

Financial Literacy

Mathematics of Personal Finance

Probability and Statistics

Bridge Math

Liberal Arts Mathematics I, II


Science Foundation

Science 6

Science 7

Science 8

MS Physical Science

MS Life Science

MS Earth & Space Science

Earth Science

Environmental Science **

Physical Science

Biology * **

Chemistry* **

Physics *

The Living Earth

Chemistry in the Earth System

Physics of the Universe

English Courses

English Foundations I, II

English 6

English 7

English 8

English 9 *

English 10 *

English 11 *

English 12 *

English Literature composition **

English Language composition **

Creative Writing

Media Literacy

Reading Skills & Strategies

World Languages

Spanish I, II, III

AP Spanish Language

French I, II

Mandarin Chinese I, II

German I, II

Latin I, II

MS Spanish I, II

MS French I, II

MS Mandarin Chinese I, II

MS German I, II

MS Latin I, II

Career & Tech Education

Accounting I, II

Business Applications

Computer Applications

Human Resources Principles

Information Technology Applications

Intro to Business & Technology

Legal Environment of Business

Principles of Business, Mktg & Finance

Principle of Health Science

Principle of Information Technology

Technology Courses

3D Game Development         

App Design        

Mod Design                           

Mod Design 1: Dimensions Expansion Course

Adventure Maps Expansion Course

Mod Design 2

Server Design

3D Animation

3D Charcater Animation

3D Game Design

3D Printing & Modeling

Fashion Design

Computer Basics


JavaScript Game Design

Python Multiplayer Adventuree

Scratch Coding

Digital Savvy

Additional Electives

College & Career Preparation I         

College & Career Preparation II         

Physical Education                             

Art Appreciation

Music Appreciation

Health Education

Study Skills

Beginning Painting

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