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Course Catalog

Piles of Books
* Honors , **AP (Advance Placement),  MS = Middle School

Social Science

MS Contemporary World

MS World History

MS US History

MS Civics

Geography & World Culture

World History *

World History to Renaissance

Modern World History

US History * **

US History to Civil WarUS Government & Politics * **


Macroeconomics **

Microeconomics **

Multicultural Studies


Psychology *


Math Foundations I, II

Math 6

Math 7

Math 8

Algebra I, II *

Geometry *

Mathematics I, II, III

Precalculus *

Calculus AB **

Statistics **

Fundamentals Math

Introductory Algebra

Financial Literacy

Mathematics of Personal Finance

Probability and Statistics

Bridge Math

Liberal Arts Mathematics I, II


Science Foundation

Science 6

Science 7

Science 8

MS Physical Science

MS Life Science

MS Earth & Space Science

Earth Science

Environmental Science **

Physical Science

Biology * **

Chemistry* **

Physics *

The Living Earth

Chemistry in the Earth System

Physics of the Universe

English Courses

English Foundations I, II

English 6

English 7

English 8

English 9 *

English 10 *

English 11 *

English 12 *

English Lit composition **

English Lang composition **

Creative Writing

Media Literacy

Reading Skills & Strategies

Career & Tech Education

Accounting I, II

Advanced Accounting

Architectural Design

Business Applications

Business Finance

Business Law

Business Management


Information Technology

Intro to Business & Technology

Principles of Business, Mktg & Finance

Principle of Health Science

and more....

Technology Courses     

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign                   

Adobe Photoshop

Computer Applications

Computer Education


Information Technology 

Intro to AI

and more....

Additional Electives

College & Career Preparation I         

College & Career Preparation II         

Physical Education                             

Art Appreciation

Music Appreciation

Health Education

Study Skills

and more....

World Languages

Spanish I, II, III

Prescriptive, AP & Honors

French I, II

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