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An Online School With You in Mind
Our mission is to transform students into scholars by teaching learning tools that aid in achieving the peak of academic success. 
By Us. For Us. #BLM

An Overview Of Our Program

Pinnacle Academy is an online school dedicated to ending the education gap in the Black and Brown communities.

At Pinnacle Academy, each scholar is unique.

We Provide Learning Options

  • ILM - Independent Learning Module

  • ALM - Interactive Learning Module

  • SLM - Satellite (In-Person) Learning Module

  • PLM - Private (one-on-one) Learning Module

  • EPM - Education Plus Module (Tutoring, SAT/ACT Testing Skills & Adult Education)


Pinnacle Academy also recognizes quality education and socializing are key components to student success. No one is ever alone at the Academy!  Our Scholars  have multiple opportunities for meaningful interaction through project-based learning, educational seminars, and group meetings.

Studying in the Library
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We believe scholars should be prepared for college.

We offer:

  • College-prep curriculum

  • Honors and Advanced Placement

  • College counseling

Preparing scholars for college
the world!