Pinnacle Academy Profile


Pinnacle Academy is a private, online learning academy that provides an accredited curriculum to students in grades K-12.  Our students are supported by qualified teachers, and staff members who care about educational standards.

An online educational platform is not unique, but our approach is.  We know trying to concentrate on a zoom lecture with twenty-nine other students can be frustrating and exhausting.  Our format is completely different.  We use an Independent Learning activity-based model that allows students to concentrate on building the skills they need to propel into the future. We use our group formats on Fridays for study groups, group projects, social clubs, and other activities that require group social interactions.

​Pinnacle Academy is a new school. Our approach to teaching online came about during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the three founding educators used their own experiences to craft a school they felt would be good enough for their own children. To preview some of our school policies click here.

​We endeavor to create independent learning experiences that focus on success and completion.  Students at Pinnacle Academy are not competing with other students. Instead, we encourage our students to challenge themselves academically while exploring competitive behavior in sports, games & extracurricular activities. 


We anticipate spreading the wealth of knowledge throughout the United States and beyond. While our focus encompasses the African American culture, our school is open to all who desire and can satisfy our application processes.

Our School Policies: