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ILM is developed for scholars to complete coursework and assignments independently.  To qualify for ILM, students must test at grade level in one or more academic areas (Mathematics or English). Scholars follow the course of study at a pace created by students and the academic advisor.  The academic advisor monitors scholar progress and is available to assist with college preparation. Our goal is to allow scholars to achieve their individual success without distractions.

To promote social interaction, ILM scholars participate in group assemblies and projects throughout the school year.

  • Create your schedule

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Take extra courses

  • Take one course at a time

  • Access to tutorials for immediate support

  • Schedule live tutoring for tougher subjects or tasks

  • Email Academic Advisor for urgent matters

  • Work in small groups for special projects

Working with Laptop
Each student has an Academic Advisor
Studying in the Library

Tuition beginning at $350/month

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